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Pleasure Point Mine is a sand quarry located in Helidon, having been measured to contain 40,921,600 tonnes and a high (94% unwashed and 97% washed) silica content.

The silica content is suitable for a variety of uses including:

We focus on extracting high grade silica content.

The full PPM resource is available for processing and offtake (40.0Mt). Currently there are no requirements to manage waste, overburden or spoil in the project plan due to the full resources being utilised.

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The Pleasure Point Timeline

At Pleasure Point, we aim to keep an accurate and up to date timeline of the progression of the mine, providing confidence and transparency.

September 2022

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy in Queensland confirmed the addition of silica to PPM’s production for ML50227.

PPM purchased and commissioned an 8.75 tonne Komatsu PC88MR-10 excavator anticipated to be on site and operational at PPM, by the end of September 2022, to commence site clean-up and preparation works.


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High Grade Silica

Silica has a variety of uses in everyday life. Did you know speciality glass, like your mobile phone screens, are made from sand? 

Key Findings from the Consulting Geologists

The “in-situ” or raw and unimproved potential resource value of PPM is $122,764,800 with
an estimated value of $3.00 per tonne.


PPM is located on Gold Mine Road, in the centre of Helidon Queensland.