Latest Mining News

Here you’ll find the latest information on all things mining, from new technologies to how the industry is becoming more sustainable. 

Sustainable Mining Technologies The future of All-Electric Sustainable Mining Technologies

For almost a century, diesel has been at the forefront of the mining industry. At this time, more businesses are looking toward more sustainable energy sources, which is where electric energy comes in. With technology advancing the way it is, it won’t be long before we may see all-electric mining.

Mining Tech Applying Artificial Intelligence to Improve Project Planning

Artificial intelligence, another emerging technology, has the potential to assist project planners to make smarter decisions by providing sound suggestions. As artificial intelligence continues to learn associatively and observationally, it will begin to make better suggestions over time.

Green Hydrogen How is Green Hydrogen Being Used in Mining?

The bulk of the mining industry’s effects on the environment fall on transportation and mobility tasks, which emit CO2 emissions. Every hour on the ground, large trucks weighing hundreds of tons consume countless litres of diesel. If mines can replace transportation with green hydrogen, this will greatly reduce their emissions and environmental impact.

Sustainable Mining Making Mining More Sustainable

Paving the way for more sustainable mining is blasting technology and low carbon emission emulsion explosives. It is the quality of these blasts that results in better fragmentation, ensuring less energy is consumed in downstream stages like loading, hauling, crushing and milling.