The Pleasure Point Mine Timeline

May 2021

‍Production Modelling – Early stage production schedules 

Equipment lists – The creation of the production plan generated the plant and machinery list and make-up for the PPM operation. A procurement program went underway with Tier 1 mining OEMs.

Infrastructure & Site Plan – Quotes and supply arrangements underway for the operational set up of the PPM site.

November 2021

Drilling for water and a 300m chip hole commenced, with water being found upon drilling. We have engaged the services of Kowalski Brothers Drilling for boring and well capping. Bill Hayes and Associates provided geological services.

‍The following site preparations were completed:

  • Provision of basic amenities for site workers and contractors (water, first aid, portable shade, and sanitary items)
  • Provision of PPE for PPM representatives and visitors
  • Provision of geological data logging station amenities
  • Secure drill core storage container
  • Secure tool and items storage
  • Preparation of an admin area for site sign-in and documentation storage
  • Site signage
  • Handheld UHF radios
  • PPM signage

December 2021

Drilling on the Site was completed, the result identified a geological section of fine to coarse quartzose sandstone with a high silica content and suggests that materials of approximately 40 tonnes could be extracted.

The exploration program has enabled the Borrower to make an estimate of the potential sandstone resources at PPM, from which it is able to produce potential products such as dimension stone, decorative blocks, landscaping blocks and other landscaping materials, aggregates for road base and concrete, and possibly a clean fine silica sand product.

February 2022

‍PPM has moved into the preliminary site works phase of operational start-up. Significantly, in the last quarter of 2021, PPM completed: 

  • ‍Water boring – A significant project risk was eliminated through the successful drilling and capping of water bores to service the site.
  • Phase 1 resource definition (drilling programme)
  • General site improvements
  • Site equipping and provisioning
  • Interim site senior executive appointment 
  • Implementation of site safety and health management system

September 2022

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy in Queensland confirmed the addition of silica to PPM’s production for ML50227. 

PPM purchased and commissioned an 8.75 tonne Komatsu PC88MR-10 excavator anticipated to be on site and operational at PPM, by the end of September 2022, to commence site clean-up and preparation works.

More Updates Coming Soon!